Coconut Snow Works!

When I couldn’t find a natural deodorant that worked for me, I created my own! I can tell you, deodorants, both natural and conventional, just don’t work on me (I have tried everything!), so I was surprised when my Coconut Snow absolutely ELIMINATED odor… on contact… no matter what. I also found Unscented Coconut Snow has no scent to compete with any fragrance you wear and it is non-staining.

Coconut Snow is vegan (no animal products) and cruelty-free. All but one of our ingredients are Certified Organic and we personally verified ALL of our ingredients are non-GMO.

Company News:

Everything is the same here at Organicopia during the COVID-19 situation apart from being stuck at home. Shipping is normal!

We are running a COVID-19 Buy One Get One Free promotion! When you buy between 2 and 24 deodorants, you get them half price! Get extras for your loved ones and roomies to share the love! We all can use the clean, fresh air in our spaces as we wait this out!
— Stephanie

BOGO on all deodorants!

Gift your free ones to the peeps in your house during the quarantine for fresher air and more love!

Orders over $68! $30!

(This is only 8 units with the BOGO Deal!)

An even BETTER deal:
Case of 25 Coconut Snows for $75!
(62% off + FREE shipping!)

I am not stinky! Thanks for the great deodorant! It is the first natural deodorant that actually WORKS. Thanks for that I'll let you know when I run out.



I just wanted to tell you that I love the deodorant! My husband and I both tried it and he then went outside to clean up fallen branches from our property and was sweating for hours, came in and I asked him how he liked it and he said, "Hmmm, now that you mention it, I was sweating pretty good out there and I don't smell anything." Seriously. And I love it, too.



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